How To Apply For Moorage

Thank you for your interest in our marinas! If you have any additional questions regarding our procedures or facilities please feel free to call our offices. We are open daily 8am-5pm.

Application Procedure

1.  Download and submit an application to the preferred location; Channel Islands or Vintage Marina.

2.  Provide copy of current DMV Registration or Coast Guard Documentation in the owner’s name. As a boat slip renter you will be required to provide copies of annual renewals.

3.  Provide insurance policy showing a minimum $300,000 liability coverage, and with the Marina listed as additionally insured. As a boat slip renter you will be required to provide copies of annual renewals.

4.  Vessels over 15 years old must provide a recent survey.

5.  Current photo ID



1.  A security deposit of 1.5x the monthly rent due at the time of move-in.

2.  A gate key deposit of $25 per key at Channel Islands Harbor Marina. At Vintage Marina the first 2 keys will require a $25 deposit, and any additional keys will require a $300 deposit.

3.  Parking permits are included with no extra charge.

4.  Rent is due between the 1st and the 10th of each month. A late fee of 3% the balance due is automatically applied on the 11th.

5.  Allow up to 3 overnight stays on the boat per week.

6.  Subletting or Airbnb style rentals are not permitted under any circumstance.

7.  A written 30 Day Notice will be required prior to the date of vacating.


We are currently not taking any new live-aboards. Please call if you would like to get on the waitlist.

1.  Individuals who wish to live-aboard must receive prior approval from the marina office. Please be advised that we are currently working with Harbor Patrol to curtail illegal live-aboard activity.

2.  Qualifying vessels must meet the 35ft length requirement and pass a vessel safety inspection.

3.  Additional monthly fees and annual Vessel Residence Permit are required.

5.4 Vintage Gallery